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August 2018

Ringing the Changes

My time as Curate in the Avon-Swift Benefice is coming to an end. My final service will be at North

Kilworth on Sunday 12th August at 10.30am, all are welcome to join us, whether you normally come to

church or not. In the weeks following we will be moving to Market Harborough where I will be licensed

in September as Team Vicar responsible for the Parish of The Transfiguration.

As a family we have loved living in North Kilworth and being part of the communities across the benefice.

One of the things I have enjoyed being involved with is ringing church bells. When we arrived in Avon-

Swift I set myself the challenge of ringing a Quarter Peal (normally 1260 changes rung continuously for

around 45 minutes) in each of the towers in the benefice with ‘ringable’ bells. The first was at Gilmorton

in July 2016. Then followed quarters at Stanford on Avon, South Kilworth, Shawell, Misterton, Kimcote

and Peatling Parva. On Saturday 14th July we will attempt quarters at Ashby Magna and North Kilworth.

I will have to come back to ring at Catthorpe when repairs to their tower are complete and look forward

to the possibility of Swinford bells being ringable in the future.

As well as being a good physical and mental work-out and a great source of fellowship, bellringing is a

ministry of announcing that a service is about to take place and that God is present as the music of the

bells rings out across our countryside. New recruits or lapsed ringers are always welcome!

During my time as Curate I have learned much about ministry which I will take with me and have also

built relationships with church members and members of the wider communities, particularly those I

have journeyed with for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. In many ways it will be hard to move on, but

I believe that God is calling us to the next season in my ministry and our lives. In the book of Ecclesiastes

in the Bible it says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. And

so, whilst the future may be a little daunting, I know that I do not need to worry, because whilst other

things may change, I believe that God is constant and will journey with us as he continues to journey with

each one of you whatever season you are in at this time.

As I prepare to make my endings in Avon-Swift exciting new beginnings for the benefice are just emerging.

A new season for our churches – but more about that from Revd. Emma next time.

Thank you for your welcome, support and encouragement over the last 3 years. Go well. Alison

Revd. Alison Iliffe, Assistant Curate, The Avon-Swift Benefice.


All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:

The Rev’d Emma Davies, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Gilmorton.

Telephone: 01455 556573; email emma.davies1@sky.com


Burial of Ashes.

Michael Edward COLEMAN on Friday 6th July at South Kilworth.

July 2018

And so it goes on…

Last time I wrote, it was March, and we were preparing for Lent and Easter. Since then, the Church has celebrated Easter, Ascension and Pentecost. All these festivals mark significant events in Jesus’ life and continuing presence with us, and sustain the Church’s life and ministry.

Now we are in what the Church calls Ordinary Time. It’s the long period that comprises some of spring, summer and some of autumn, the time of growth and fruitfulness. And it also often includes holiday time. 

Really, there’s nothing ordinary about it!

At the time of writing, my thoughts are tending towards the holiday I will be taking in Greece. I’m not a frequent traveller to hotter climes – I am equipped for Poland in the winter, but none of that stuff will be useful! Much of what I wear normally would feel like a suit of armour in 36 degrees and more!

So I am looking at light weight, appropriate clothing. It’s quite an adventure, and part of the pleasure of the holiday to come, together with the prospect of legitimate idleness and a bit of self- indulgence, as well as new places to see, food to eat and so on. 

In preparing to go on holiday, of course, we also have to remember the practical and legal side of things – flights, bookings, insurance, currency, passports and so on. There is, as with other aspects of life, serious preparation to do, and if we miss a bit out we can find ourselves in a mess…

I will also be taking myself with me, just as I am now, with all my relationships, opinions, my experiences. I may form some new ones while I am away – I certainly expect to have some new experiences which may well impact upon my opinions. But I hope that life so far has prepared me to be reasonably flexible and open to the delights and disasters of the new. 

I believe that that is what our lives are for – to grow, learn, adapt and change as the seasons roll round us and as we move steadily from childhood to old age. If we work at it, as we work at preparing for a holiday, looking at the serious and lighter factors that make up our selves, we are using our time well. 

Christians work to be ready to welcome God’s Kingdom. We look forward to the day that Kingdom comes – but with the awareness that we have to prepare for it. The way we live our lives, our priorities, our relationships, all matter as we wait for that time. We will experience festival times, ordinary times, difficult times – but if we are always preparing ourselves for the best of times, which we know lies ahead, we will be ok. 

Have a good life! Blessings, 

Jane Kennedy

July 2018

Thy Kingdom Come

As I write this we are in that ‘almost, but not yet’ time of waiting between Ascension Day and Pentecost,
between Jesus ascending back to God the Father which we celebrated on Thursday 10th May and the
sending of the Holy Spirit which this year falls on Sunday 20th May.

However, in the churches across The Avon-Swift Benefice we have certainly not been waiting idly! We
began on Ascension Day in Gilmorton church with Buggy Service for pre-school children and their carers.
Using a helium balloon to demonstrate Ascension became more realistic when the balloon ‘accidentally’
drifted up into the roof of the church, where to date it still rests comfortably!

After Buggy Service we went to Swinford church. Here we set up Prayer Stations based on The Lord’s
Prayer ready for Swinford school to come in groups to think about what The Lord’s Prayer might be
saying, and how we might respond to God through our prayers. The children wrote prayers of praise and
thanksgiving and joined these prayers together to create a prayer chain. They held a globe and prayed for
joy, hope, peace, love and justice in places across the world. They used their senses with bread to work out
what ‘give us this day our daily bread’ means. And they thought about trespasses and forgiveness, sticking
broken hearts back together as a reminder that God loves us and wants us and our relationships to be
whole. The Prayer Stations were then packed up and used again at North Kilworth, South Kilworth and
Gilmorton the following week.

Our intention in taking these prayer stations round to our church schools was to join in with ‘Thy
Kingdom Come’ https://www.thykingdomcome.global a wave of prayer which sees millions of Christians
joining together in prayer across the world. For people of faith, being thankful before God and praying for
the world, our daily needs and our relationships, is important as we trust, as one little girl so beautifully
put it, that God wants to hold us tightly and carefully “so that God doesn’t drop us”.

If you are a person who prays, you might want to take a moment in prayer now. And if you would like us
to pray with or for you, please do get in touch, or leave a prayer in one of our churches.

For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

Revd. Alison Iliffe, Assistant Curate,
The Avon-Swift Benefice

Reminder:) Holy Communion at South Kilworth on the 3rd Sunday of the month is now at 8.30.
Details of services in other Avon-Swift Benefice churches can be seen on the church notice board.



We welcome a new member into our church family:
Max Peter ADCOCK on 22ND APRIL at South Kilworth.

All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:
The Rev’d Emma Davies, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Gilmorton.
Telephone: 01455 556573; email emma.davies1@sky.com
The Rev’d Alison Iliffe, The Rectory, Dag Lane, North Kilworth.
Telephone: 01858 881248 email ajiliffe@gmail.com