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November 2018

Remember, remember in November…

From Revd Dave Hover (Assistant Curate on secondment)

If you don’t recognise my name don’t worry, as I have only recently joined

the ministry team in these parishes. There is lots to remember when you’re

new somewhere, and I have a particular weakness for retaining names!

This time of year is much associated with memory; that rhyme associated

with Bonfire Night, “remember, remember the 5th November…” could very

much apply to the whole of the next month, during which we will be remembering a number of people

by name. At 4pm on Saturday 3rd November at Peatling Parva Church we invite everyone to join us

for our annual All Souls’ Service to remember those close to us who have died. We read out the names

of all whose funerals we have conducted this past year and all other names supplied to us (please see the

contact details elsewhere in this newsletter), along with spoken prayers and quiet space in which to pray

personally or light a candle in memory of a loved one.

Shortly thereafter it will be Remembrance Sunday, poignantly 100 years to the day since the Armistice

that signalled the end of the First World War. Sadly, this was not to be the final armed conflict this or

other nations have been involved with, and so we continue to remember all who have served in our

armed forces or endured times of war as civilians, particularly those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Details of the various services and commemorations taking place across our villages, including the

ringing of church bells, are available below, on our website (www.avonswift.co.uk) and our new

Facebook group (www.facebook.com/avonswiftbenefice), as well as all the latest news and events

happening in your local churches.

Whether we are remembering people who died recently or a century ago, taking the time to stop and

remember them by name remains hugely important in honouring their memory and all they meant

to us, and recognising that every name carries with it the story of a human life; something precious to

those who knew them and precious to God, into whose eternal care we commend and entrust them

until we are reunited in the age to come. God does not share my weakness, but remembers and calls

each of us by name, and welcomes in love all who call upon Him in the name of Jesus Christ our

Saviour – the name the Bible tells us is above every name because Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice

on behalf of each one of us on the cross. I invite you to join me and all in our parish churches in

remembering Him and all those dear to us, by name, during this season of remembrance.

Revd Dave Hover


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All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:

The Rev’d Canon Emma Davies, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Gilmorton.

Telephone: 01455 556573; email emma.davies1@sky.com (usual rest day Monday)

The Rev’d Dave Hover Telephone: 0116 277 9900; email revddavehover@gmail.com

(usual rest day Friday)

Benefice websites www.avonswift.co.uk www.facebook.com/avonswiftbenefice



Church and Chapel together

Church and Chapel members are joining together for a 4-week informal discussion course in November

at Walton Baptist Chapel to help us prepare for Advent and Christmas. All are welcome to this friendly

group – no experience or particular expertise necessary!

Sessions begin with coffee at 10am and will end at 11am on the following Tuesdays:

6th November – Expecting Christ in family

13th November – Expecting Christ in me

20th November – Expecting Christ in prayer

27th November – Expecting Christ in the end

More information from:

Gordon Herbert on 01858 880492 or Canon Emma Davies on 01455 556573.