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April 2018



What will you be doing on Easter Day? Like Christmas, perhaps you have your own particular traditions. I imagine for many of us that chocolate eggs will be involved somewhere, or even chocolate bunnies or chicks… Perhaps Easter is a time to catch up with friends or relations, maybe with a special meal, or simnel cake? Or maybe, Easter for you marks a time of rest, of holiday, a break from work or school.

Whatever your plans, I wonder, in amongst your Easter celebrations this year whether someone might try to catch you out with a joke or two: for Easter Day 2018 falls on 1st April – also known as April Fools’ Day. I was never very good at practical jokes myself – it was more likely that I would be the one caught out, the one made to feel a bit foolish! It’s hopefully all just a bit of good-natured fun of course, but this coincidence of dates has set me thinking about foolishness and faith. For some people, putting trust in God is viewed as an inherently foolish thing to do. The story we tell in church at Easter may seem just a bit far-fetched – a man coming back to life after dying on a cross? Really? It’s easy to write it off as some sort of joke or trick.

However, the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection has stood the test of time, enduring long after the effects of a magic trick or illusion would have done. More importantly, countless millions of people have experienced the risen presence of God in their lives – as one who brings new life, hope, peace and joy even when life is difficult. The nature of faith is that it cannot be proved – we need to dare to believe it may be true in order to find the truth. We welcome all to our Easter church services to hear again the story of God’s Easter surprise. And, as you unwrap your chocolate eggs or eat a meal with family, or sit down for a well-earned rest, why not silently invite the risen Jesus to join you? I hope he may surprise you with his presence. I hope you may find that his story is indeed no April Fool and that we are not fools to believe.

On behalf of all of us in The Avon-Swift Benefice of churches, I wish you peace, joy and new life this Easter.


Revd Emma Davies



Confirmation Service

A Confirmation service is to be held at St Michael’s Church, Stoney Stanton, on Sunday 22nd April at 6.30pm.

At this service a person confirms the promises that were made when they were baptized, or makes those promises for themselves.

Confirmation is part of a lifetime journey of faith as a follower of Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in being Confirmed at this time please contact Revd. Alison ajiliffe@gmail.com 01858881248

We will be holding some sessions where you will be able to explore your faith with others who are also thinking about confirmation and ask any questions you have about God, Jesus and the journey of faith. These sessions will be held from 4pm to 5pm on Sunday afternoons on 8th Apr and 15th Apr.