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September 2018

Waiting with God and the red kites

MRecently, in several places in our benefice of churches, I have looked up and have spotted a red kite in the sky. This always stops me in my tracks and takes me back to the time I was at theological college at the top of a hill in Oxfordshire where these magnificent birds were often to be seen hovering in the air above us. I was reminded of a favourite verse of the Bible:

‘those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, 

they shall mount up with wings like eagles, 

they shall run and not be weary, 

they shall walk and not faint’. (Isaiah 40.31)

I used to marvel at how the red kites could seem so motionless in the air. It seemed as if they were hanging there, but one day it occurred to me that in fact they were not hanging in the sky but rather held – held up by the movement of the wind beneath their wings. Without that movement of air they would fall to the ground. In the same way, it seems to me, God’s Spirit, often likened to wind, can lift us up and give us new perspective on life, if we are prepared to be still and to wait expectantly. God’s life breath, flowing around us, will hold us steady and bring us new energy.

There are many changes currently in our church life. As I write, we have just said farewell to our Team Curate Rev’d Alison Iliffe and her family who are moving to a new parish in Market Harborough. She will be licensed to her new ministry at St. Nicholas’ Church, Little Bowden at 7.30pm on Thursday 13 September – all are welcome to attend this service. Also in September, we shall be joined here by other colleagues who will bring different ministries, different perspectives and different gifts to our church communities: Rev’d Dave Hover, Curate in Countesthorpe, will be with us full-time for 6 months; Dawn Matthew will be on long-term placement with us c.3 days per week as she trains for ordained ministry; and Rev’d Dr Rob Hay, Head of Learning and Ministry Development for the Diocese will offer a few days per month until the end of the year in the first instance. We shall also be advertising for a part-time Pioneer Minister to work more closely with our village communities. All this change is very exciting and I look forward to seeing what God will do in this benefice over the coming months. 

Change, however, is also demanding of time and energy, both practical and emotional. The temptation when life brings lots of change is to be ever more busy, and to risk being burdened and wearied by all the tasks there are to do. Perhaps you know what I mean from your own life experience. However, when I glimpse a red kite in the sky I’m reminded that God calls us to take time each day to pause, to be still, and to wait for the Spirit of God to lift us up on wings like eagles. If we do this, especially when burdened with lots of tasks, we shall see more clearly God’s perspective, and be enabled to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint as we journey on through life’s changes and adventures.

Rev’d Emma Davies