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March 2019


Christmas has come and gone – the birth of Jesus and the promise of salvation and transformation, just a distant memory. The new year resolutions, fitness…or a diet to compensate for over indulgence at Christmas have already been broken and the rest of the year lies open ahead. Perhaps for you there is a dread of what the year might hold – uncertainties and fears: for self, for loved ones or for the world in which we live. Certainly, it feels as though we started this year with a greater global and national sense of unknown, uncertainty and unpredictability: whether it is Brexit, global tensions between leaders and countries or the uncertainty of employment, visa status etc. How do you feel as you look out on the rest of the year ahead?

I have had the privilege during the last year in my day-job/full-time job as Head of Learning and Ministry Development for the Diocese of Leicester, of travelling all over the Diocese trying to get to know the people and places. Getting to know over 300 traditional churches and 200 new missional activities is something of a challenge, but the delight has been spotting God at work in lots of unexpected places.

As I look ahead into the rest of 2019 with all its uncertainty, I am seeking to do two things: firstly, to find my security, not in the things around us that feel shaky and uncertain, but in the God who created and sustains the world and loves and cares for us. Secondly, to walk through the year ahead with an expectancy that God will be at work both in my life and the lives of those around me. May you have hope and certainty for the year ahead and know God’s presence with you.

Rev’d Dr Rob Hay


Walton Baptist Chapel will again host this year’s 5-week course for Lent entitled “When I Survey…

Christ’s cross and ours”. This ecumenical discussion course will be led jointly by leaders from the

Baptist Chapel and members of the Avon-Swift Ministry team. Sessions are as follows:

12th March – Darkness at noon

19th March – Into great silence

26th March – The child on the cross

2nd April – Outside a city wall

9th April – Touching the Rock

Each session begins with coffee at 10am and will end at 11am. Everyone will be made very welcome to

this friendly group – no experience or particular expertise necessary!

More information from:

Gordon Herbert on 01858 880492; grdnhrbrt@yahoo.co.uk

or Rev’d Dave Hover on 0116 277 9900; revddavehover@gmail.com

All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:

The Rev’d Canon Emma Davies, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Gilmorton.

Telephone: 01455 556573; email emma.davies1@sky.com (usual rest day Monday)

The Rev’d Dave Hover

Telephone: 0116 277 9900; email revddavehover@gmail.com (usual rest day Friday)

Sharon March is our new Pioneer Minister and you will see her at some of our church services as she

begins to get to know us and to help us to connect with people beyond our church buildings.

Benefice websites www.avonswift.co.uk www.facebook.com/avonswiftbenefice



Funerals: We say farewell with God’s blessing to:

Evelyn Franklin aged 98 years at South Kilworth on 11th December