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March 2018

Tis a gift to be simple…

It seems to me that we are always getting ready for something, preparing for something. Going to work, a holiday, the next meal…

It certainly seems so in the Church – it doesn’t seem five minutes since we were in Advent preparing for Christmas, and now here we are in Lent, preparing for Easter!

The differences between our Church seasons have become very blurred over time. And they have gathered some markers that were not always part of them. Like giving up chocolate for Lent. Lent, which started on 14th February this year, was always a season of simple living, personal spiritual reflection and renewal before celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. It was a season for fasting, but that meant meals that were plain, day to day foods, taken in moderation. No luxuries!

And then EASTER! The greatest Christian festival, this year falling on Sunday 1st April. The contrast between the moderation of Lent and the feasting of Easter must have been huge and satisfying, and remains deeply symbolic of our Christian hope.

Our festivals tend to blur into one another now. As soon as the last mince pie is out of the shops, in come the hot cross buns. I find that simpler day to day living makes the special occasions so much more special. Personally, I never eat a hot cross bun until Good Friday – and boy does it taste good! We are blessed in this country because we have year-round access to food from all over the world. We can feast every day. It does make the feast days harder work, though – now we have to go to greater and greater lengths to make special days seem special.

Lenten simplicity can be refreshing, calming, and renewing. For Christians, Lent is an opportunity to take time out, to remember the joys of waiting and anticipating the glorious time that is promised – the coming once and for all of God’s Kingdom. Our feast days are but a small taste of what that will be like!

During Lent, we do get Sundays off – especially Mothering Sunday – when we can indulge ourselves a little. But the real treat is Easter Day, when the great fulfilment of God’s intent for us in Jesus Christ came; our Salvation and our joy. That is what we are looking forward to in this season.

I commend to you the simple Lent, waiting for the feast, preparing to welcome with joy the greatest day of all. Alleluia!

Have a blessed and simple Lent.
Jane Kennedy, Retired Priest

Reminder: Holy Communion at South Kilworth on the 3rd Sunday of the month is now at 8.30.
Details of services in other Avon-Swift Benefice churches can be seen on the church notice board


Walton Baptist Chapel will again host this year’s 5-week course for Lent entitled “On the Third Day”. This ecumenical discussion course will be led jointly by leaders from the Baptist Chapel and members of the Avon Swift Clergy team. Sessions are as follows: 6th March – ‘Let him Easter in us’
13th March – Celebrating and praying Easter
20th March – A risen Church

Each session begins with coffee at 10am and will end at 11am. Everyone will be made very welcome to this friendly group – no experience or particular expertise necessary!

More information from: Gordon Herbert on 01858 880492 or Rev’d Emma Davies on 01455 556573.



Confirmation Service

A Confirmation service is to be held at St Michael’s Church, Stoney Stanton, on Sunday 22nd April at 6.30pm.

At this service a person confirms the promises that were made when they were baptized, or makes those promises for themselves.

Confirmation is part of a lifetime journey of faith as a follower of Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in being Confirmed at this time please contact Revd. Alison ajiliffe@gmail.com 01858881248

We will be holding some sessions where you will be able to explore your faith with others who are also thinking about confirmation and ask any questions you have about God, Jesus and the journey of faith. These sessions will be held from 4pm to 5pm on Sunday afternoons, 25th Feb, 4th Mar, 18th Mar, 8th Apr and 15th Apr.