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October 2017


“It’s a small world!”

In July, on holiday in Ireland, we attended the Sunday morning Mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady,
an international pilgrimage centre. The priest announced that the collection that day would be sent in
support of children’s work in a war-zone in South Sudan. Immediately after Mass, I texted Maria, the
sister of my Swedish daughter-in-law, who works for the Church of Sweden in…guess where…South
Sudan! “Good news, Maria, …this morning’s collection from the Mass at Knock is on its way to you”.

A text came back almost immediately…. “That’s great, Chris…next week I shall be in Khartoum, to meet the
Archbishop of Canterbury, for the installation of the new Anglican Archbishop in the new province in Sudan.”
Sure enough, a week later, via Instagram, I had photos of Maria with Justin Welby!

Prayers at that Mass in Knock were accompanied by acts of solidarity… the sending of money was an
expression of the Church’s engagement world-wide with victims of war and violence. Swedish Lutherans
have people in place all across the developing world, working with ecumenical and other partner agencies
in the struggle for justice and peace. The internet on this occasion made this world-wide commitment to
the values of the Kingdom of God so instantly apparent. Parishes here in our own Leicester diocese are
seriously committed to giving financial and other support to the work especially in our twin dioceses in
Tanzania in East Africa and Trichy in South India.

Those Churches in South Sudan, in Trichy and in Tanzania are experiencing amazing growth and renewal…
our very own curate, Alison, has recently visited India. Very different places, very different contexts, very
different personalities…but common to them all is the sense that knowing that they are loved by God
means reflecting and sharing that love to those around, especially to those who are at the margins of our
society, whose voice is never heard or who have a daily struggle even to stay alive. Discipleship in these
places means being where Jesus is, and He is met precisely among the refugees, the homeless, the hungry
and the sick.

No wonder those places are experiencing such growth in numbers and in depth of discipleship…God is
blessing their work abundantly, as they live out an authentic Christian discipleship which involves service
of others and sharing through daily living the values of the Kingdom…justice, mercy and peace.

One thing this experience in Knock has done for me is to deepen further my recognition that when I share
the Peace and the bread and wine at the Eucharist in one of our churches, that sharing needs to stretch out
way beyond the walls of that building…to a world which is hungry and which is desperate to know that
Peace which is God’s gift to us and His will for us.

Canon Chris Oxley