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News from the school

We have all enjoyed the Autumn Term at South Kilworth Church of England Primary School and have been pleased to welcome our new Reception and Pre-School children.

We were delighted to have been awarded the Bronze Modeshift Award for encouraging children to travel to school on foot etc rather that to use the car. Our ‘Walk on Wednesdays’ campaign saw a lot less congestion outside the school gates.

This term the children have had several visits relating to their topic work in school. As part of their ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’ work the Year 1/2 children enjoyed a visit to Twycross Zoo. Relating to their work on ‘Potions’ the Year 3/4 children had a fantastic time at ‘Harry Potter World’. They have also been reading and studying the witches’ speeches in Macbeth Act IV Scene 1 and as a result wrote their own versions (see below),


Potion Poem
First Witch: Round and round the couldron we turn; Add the poisonus flowers and burn,

First Wizard: Throw in the bears bone and blood, Stir the cauldron stir it good,

Second Witch: Add 5 worms and a pigs curly tail, Drop in a slimy squid and a large grey snail.

All: Double, double toil and trouble: Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Second Wizard: Chuck in 7 of a tigers black stripes, Add in a witches mouldy head lice,

Third Witch: Aim in 5 cats claws and a lion’s fierce roar. Add a mice and a panthers paw,

Third Wizard: Mix the potion, wave your wand, Drop in a frog from a dirty pond.

All: Double, double toil and trouble: Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Fourth Wizard: Get the venom of a king cobra snake, Stir the cauldron, let it bake,

First Witch: Sprinkle in a zebras crushed eyeball, Add a bird’s nest and a large toadstool,

Second Witch: Crush up a smelly werewolf fang, Chuck it in and hear it bang,

All: Double, double toil and trouble: Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

By Jacob Cheney, Dexter Coppleman, Jonah Richards, Dion Smart, Lauren Tebbatt, Charlie Theobald and Melanie Wood


Year 5/6 have been looking at ‘Pharaohs and finding out about Ancient Egypt. They had a very interesting trip learning about mummification at New Walk Museum, Leicester.

Our Trip to New Walk Museum


On Monday 5th September 2016 Year 5/6 (Tall Oaks), Ms Bennett, Mrs Deller and Mrs Timms (Jos’ Mum) went on a bus to New Walk Museum, in Leicester because of our topic Pharaohs. We left school at 9.15am (my partner on the bus was Olivia Hall). The atmosphere on the bus was ecstatic. When we arrived at New Walk it was quite rainy, but it did not matter, all of us even the adults were excited. I was especially excited because I have been there before and I love it there.

Once we arrived at Leicester Museum we all went inside to see our tour guide for the morning, Pam. First we went to our room and dropped all of our belonging in there. After that we followed Pam to our Meet The Mummies session and we all sat down in front of a model of an Egyptian kitchen. Pam explained about the kitchen and how bowls and plates were made on a fire and moulded into shape. Then Pam let us wander around and look at all the artefacts in the room. 10 minutes later Pam called us back in and we all got into a circle for Pam to pass round some real Egyptian artefacts from Egyptian times. Next we all got into groups and did various activities such as: making amulets, bow drills, mummifying a dummy, dressing up and looking at the mummies.

Then we went to the room to have lunch. We went to the shop which was quite busy. Afterwards we went upstairs to see the LCFC exhibition and we did a quiz at LCFC exhibition finding out a lot from it was quite fun. Lastly we saw the dinosaur exhibition.

When we were ready to get onto the bus, on the way back to school, I thought about the amazing day our class had had. I also thought about my favourite part of the day, seeing the real mummies because they had been there for so long. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I had been there before twice with family and once with my old school and I know all the facts. I would highly recommend it to everyone. By Gemma Wells