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August 2018

I’m hoping to resurrect the school news feature in the SK News, and I also wanted to take this opportunity

to thank all the people in the village who bought raffle tickets from me before the summer fayre. We

raised about í1500 in total! In an era when government funding to small schools continues to fall, the

support of local people is very much appreciated.

The end of the summer term was hectic as always, and for once we didn’t have to worry about the weather

for sports day! The children ran and jumped and carried eggs on spoons in the heat, and then the parents

did their best too, all competing for shiny “1st” stickers! In the end the Robins came in 3rd place, the

Goldfinches and Jackdaws joint 2nd, and the Swallows won overall. The Robins fought back by storming

to victory in the swimming gala the following day!

The year 6 leavers had an enjoyable trip to see Awful Auntie at the De Montfort Hall, followed by a picnic,

again in the sunshine. And on the final day of term they put on a great show for parents, involving singing,

dancing and acrobatics. The year 6 children also did fantastically in their SATS, scoring significantly

above the national average.

There have been several changes this year, and September will see the arrival of a new headteacher, Mr

Ralph Wood. Another exciting development is our application to build a long-awaited school hall

For now the children can all enjoy a restful 6 weeks of summer holiday, and the parents….well, not so

much rest for them!

And just a quick bit of PR – there are still spaces available in the school in some year groups, so if anyone

is interested then feel free to contact school after it opens on August 30th, and the staff will be happy to

arrange to show you around.

Thanks again everyone for supporting our village school!

Rachel Glastonbury