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April 1st, 2019 in Notice Board by admin

Recent articles in the SK News have potentially given residents the impression there is only 1 Pool team in the village, the White Hart (see ‘White Hart on a roll’ March 2019). These were entertaining if somewhat lengthy tomes by the respected Mr Trace, who is now having the month off through exhaustion.

They were, however, slightly misleading and as history is written by the Victors, I will correct the records.

There are 2 teams in the village, the orginals ‘The White Hart’ and the best ‘The Cragrats’. The Mighty Cragrats consist of stalwarts like myself, Rich Speake, Mark Tottman, Jules McQuillan, Jason Timms, Paul Atkin and Leigh Birrell, a handsome lot supported by occasional appearances from Jon Taylor, Andy Rastrick, Simon Vincent and Mark Langeveld (once in a blue moon).

This local battle has run for the last 14 years….. many balls have been missed in this time.

However, a clear hegemony has emerged with the Cragrats being the superior team for 12 of those 14 seasons. The Cragrats look forward to annual village supremacy day, when the local foe have been slain and mid table obscurity achieved once again – a national Public Holiday surely awaits.

In terms of global significance and sporting prowess, this regional rivalry is hardly Liverpool v Manchester United. Indeed, it is barely even Tranmere v Everton! It is however, very good fun. This season, the White Hart did cause a worthy cup upset by beating the best team in the league and the Cragrats used this as an excuse to have another beer.

The White Hart also managed to leave the pub with their tails between their legs having been whupped by the Cragrats twice, leading to the following end league position. Now, it should be pointed out there are only 7 teams in the league, so the others were not exactly trembling. However, the White Hart were indeed on a roll, all the way up to second from bottom!

As stated, this is lots of fun, we are all good mates and the only health benefit our local derbies achieve is to the pub’s coffers. There is very little difference between us and indeed only 1 point separates the sporting giants. However, that’s enough modesty, it’s our point and we’re proud of it!

For the summer league, the teams form a Supergroup, called the White Crags and we all play in one team (with similar results), but more fun is had.

To fill the void between the two seasons, a Chumpions league singles tournament involving players from both teams is currently ongoing, an exciting report will follow next month! So the rivalry continues, but both the Cragrats and the White Hart remain defiantly drinking teams with a pool problem, and long may that continue.

Chris Barratt

Author: admin

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