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March 5th, 2019 in Notice Board by admin

Feedback from previous pool team communications has included too many words, so I will endeavour to be briefer in this match report.

Following our victory against the Red Arrows, we were next due to play Lutterworth Club, the team that knocked us out of the cup.

Our acting captain selected a team of 6, as Tom could not wangle another Thursday pass, and Andy had to man the pub, whilst Dan took a well-deserved break. Chris, as is his wont opened proceedings, and in a titanic tussle eventually succumbed, after half an hour of really high class pool.

Next to the table was our newest recruit Graham, who up until recently had been struggling to adapt to the pool rules used in the Lutterworth and District League. Graham is also a regular in the Rugby pool league. Without deviating too much; I suspect it is a bit like switching from rugby league to rugby union. Anyway for this match it all started to click into place. Graham is a pool player, who will never die wondering, he selects his shot as he walks to the table and then immediately executes at pace. A sublime long pot on the black saw us level the score at 1-1.

The White Hart won the next frame (Ed – would this be Simon ?), so up stepped one of our more venerable and esteemed players, Graham Clarkson. Graham’s baize history lies in snooker, and one can see this in his style of play. At one point I was in discussion with our acting captain, enquiring what he would do in the situation Graham found himself in. John suggested a safety shot, to which I concurred.

Well Graham was having none of this and 2 reds flew into separate pockets, a shot the great Bill Werbenik would have been proud of. Another double on the red and a straight forward pot on the black saw the White Hart 3-1 up.

John Furnell was up next, John is technically not a resident of the South Kilworth. John would however qualify under most residency rules, given the amount of time he has spent in the village. John is a craftsman by trade, and for John a job is not complete until it has been finished to the most exacting standards. John wears a watch solely for cosmetic purposes, as time as we know it does not really interest him. John takes this same approach with pool, all shot options are carefully considered before he decides to actually put his cue into action. This season John has had some dreadful luck, on 2 occasions John has potted the black only for the white ball to subsequently fall into a pocket, and this match was no exception. Two unfortunate foul shots saw the White Hart go into the interval 3-2 up.

It must be reported that although Daniel was away, Andy delivered a fabulous sausage and chip supper. The Lutterworth Club asked that the pool match be continued over dinner, which made sense given the inclement weather. The White Hart team obliged, but Chris clearly smelling the delicious sausages stepped up and completed an 8 ball clearance. This is akin to a maximum 147 at snooker, or taking 10 wickets in a cricket match, so within a couple of minutes of the match starting, Chris’s opponent, who had made the request, was sitting down to his dinner, having not played a shot. I had to leave at this point, but I am told that the Lutterworth club pulled the score back to 4-4.

Our acting captain, as in the Ryder Cup, had selected his team order well, as we had two titans at the end of the team in Graham Clarkson and John Furnell. Graham secured his second win of the evening taking the score to 5-4, leaving it to Mr Furnell, who was playing with the handicap of two broken ribs (probably as a result of taking on one black run too many on a recent skiing holiday). John won the final frame leaving the White Hart 6-4 winners. Unless a postponed match is re-arranged, this would be our last match of a most enjoyable season.

Simon Trace

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