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March 8th, 2019 in Notice Board by admin

An update from the SK Alert WhatsApp group Admin Team. Due to the data protection/data controller issues under crime recording standards, we can no longer have a police presence on our WhatsApp group. Members of the admin team attended a police event at Morrison on the 8th February. Leicestershire’s Chief Constable Simon Cole, Police Commissioner Willy Bach were in attendance and are very supportive in resolving this issue and are keen for the village and police to work together.

In the meantime the Admin Team will work as a conduit between the police and the group. The Admin Team will forward any relevant issues to the police by email and any updates to crimes or issues will be posted back onto our WhatsApp group via the Admin Team. It is essential that people still report crimes or information on crimes to the relevant number below. Unless things are reported direct to the police they won’t be logged and added to our areas crime statistics. Gary Aram also attended the Lutterworth Town Council meeting on behalf of the group. Police

Inspector Gorman was representing Leicestershire Constabulary. Residents were very concerned with crime in the Lutterworth and adjoining areas. However actual crime numbers had fallen and it becomes difficult to justify increased resource. There is planned, an increased police presence, with either a mobile unit being visible within the week or a small station established. Lutterworth Ford has offered a space for this. Sgt Mulley has also offered a monthly crime update for the area which we will share with the village through our WhatsApp group and the SK Newsletter.

It was stated that within the last 4 months there has been a new policy regards response times to reported burglaries. Police will attend with 1 hr and do what is necessary including neighbour enquiries but within 24hrs the investigator will attend to complete the investigation. Please remember it is vital that we report all crimes direct to the police so they can be logged and investigated. Please use the WhatsApp group to report anything suspicious or information that can help to prevent crime within our and neighbouring villages.

Some important numbers

• If a crime is in progress or there is a danger to individuals safety call 999

• To report a crime already taken place or to report information regarding a crime or Antisocial Behaviour involving damage or violence call 101 or online at www.leics.police.uk

• Fly tipping, abandoned vehicles and Antisocial Behaviour involving noise can be reported to HDC online www.harborough.gov.uk/communitysafety or by phone on 01858 828282

• The above numbers are on our WhatsApp group and visible by tapping on SK security alert and then see more.

Join the WhatsApp group

If you are still not a member of the SK Alert WhatsApp group and would like to join and help prevent crime within our village. Please send a WhatsApp message with your contact details and address to one of the Admin Team.

Gary Aram 07799 894207 Lesley Burchnall 07712 490287 Jenny Begley 07971 400128

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