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December 20th, 2018 in Notice Board by admin

Neighbourhood Plan – Update No 10

I know that probably we have all had enough of referendums, but on January 10th the Parish must decide whether to accept the Neighbourhood Plan in a vote or reject it. You may have noticed some posters around the Village advising you of this, and elsewhere in this newspaper is a reminder posted by Harborough District Council.

The final “Referendum Version” of the Neighbourhood Plan has been posted here CLICK HERE – please take the time to read it.

What the Neighbourhood Plan seeks to deliver is:

  • Housing at sites preferred by the community, protecting the Parish from inappropriate speculative development up to 2031.
  • The re-establishment of Limits to development, removed in the Local Plan, to further protect from unwanted development.
  • Housing mix to specifically meet the needs of the community.
  • Affordable housing for local people.
  • Windfall development based on specific criteria.
  • Protection for five structures of local heritage value.
  • A requirement for development to make a positive contribution to its surroundings.
  • All six special areas of open space are awarded Local Green Space designation which is akin to the Green Belt in terms of protection.
  • All five playing fields are protected from development.
  • All seven important views are recognised in the Plan.
  • Important woodland, trees and hedges are protected.
  • Biodiversity and wildlife corridors are safeguarded.
  • Ridge and Furrow fields are recognised and development restricted.
  • Development will need to take flood risk into account.
  • Rights of way are protected.
  • Existing community facilities are protected and new ones supported.
  • The extension of the Primary School is supported.
  • Sufficient off-road parking in development is secured.
  • Existing businesses are protected and new ones supported.
  • Criteria for farm diversification is provided.
  • Improved mobile and tele communications infrastructure is supported.

I know that probably we have all had enough of referendums, but the Parish must decide whether to accept the Neighbourhood Plan in a vote. In due course, everyone registered to vote will receive a polling card from the Harborough District Council for a referendum most likely to be held on January 10th, 2019.

What would a YES vote mean?

If a simple majority vote YES to the Plan in the Referendum, it will become part of the statutory Development Plan for the District. Any planning decisions and conditions e.g. on housing and the environment, within our Parish must be made with reference to our Neighbourhood Plan.

What would a NO vote mean?

If a simple majority vote NO to the Plan, the local protections and conditions stated in the Policies will not apply and Harborough District Council will make planning decisions based upon Harborough-wide and national policies

More information will follow as the referendum approaches.

Bob Morley

Chair of the Advisory Committee


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