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November 29th, 2018 in Notice Board by admin

My family came with me to the train, they all cheered.

All their worries about war will disappear.

My mum said “you’ll be fine son, just have some fun”.

I set off so bravely with my haversack and gun.

The train started to move, I said let’s go go go!

I was excited to set off to France I know.


Now I sit in the cold, muddy trench

Wet and miserable

All I wish is to go home and be warm!

Has my life turned to darkness?

Will I return back home ?

What have I done ?

The rain pitter patters on the top of my head like it’s saying

“You chose the wrong decision in life”!


Horrified by the horrific guns screaming at me.

Scared, all I hear is me coming to death!

Soon, I need to go over the top

All I feel is horrified.

Horrified about going over barbed wire to no-mans land.

Will I make it ..?

Author: admin

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