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November 29th, 2018 in Notice Board by admin

It is not often that news of either of the pool teams who represent the White Hart pub, makes it to South Kilworth News, however a home match on 14th November definitely requires sharing with the village. A home draw against Pailton creates a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages first; we were playing Pailton, who are to pool, what the All Blacks are to rugby, Tiger Woods was to golf (at his pomp) or Phil “The Power” Taylor was to darts. Two pool teams start the match 0-0, but by the end of the evening Pailton usually triumph. Our pool teams have taken on Pailton year after year and neither team has come close to winning.

The advantages of playing at home are numerous. First is the table, tucked away it could be compared to Yeovil’s sloping pitch, second there is White Hart’s array of beers and third is the food served at the

interval. We had a cottage pie that would have had Jamie Oliver phoning up to get the recipe.

Leading off for the White Hart is Chris Pearson, a man who plays pool like Roger Federer plays tennis, grace and finesse, matched with steel, but occasionally a loose shot slips in. Against anybody other than Pailton, this is not usually an issue, but against Pailton if you give them one chance then more often than not the match is soon over. After Chris’s first shot he sat down, and his fellow team members were a little surprised, but apparently Chris had potted 3 balls, unfortunately one was a red, another a yellow and the final one was the white. Anyway the inevitable did not happen and Chris went back to the table

and some time later Chris managed to secure the opening frame.

Second up was Tom Berry, son of our playing captain, John Berry. Tom played some stunning shots, as is his wont. A little while later White Hart went 2-0 up. Three frames later at the interval White Hart were leading 3-2 up. A pool match consists of 10 frames and a team should have at least 5 players, who may not play any more than two matches. John Berry’s approach to captaincy is a cross between Eddie Jones and recent European Ryder Cup captains, in that all players who turn up will at least play one game, but the second session is made up of “finishers”.

Chris Pearson led off in the sixth frame, and carried on where he left off in the first frame and White Hart were soon 4-2 up. Two more matches followed which then resulted in a 4-4 score.

Cometh the hour cometh the man and John Berry our playing captain took to the table and a titanic battled ensued. John found himself with only one of his balls to sink before he was able to take on the black, however it would require a tough pot on the red to set up the correct angle on the black. John played safe and sunk his ball, however, to the onlooking team mates they could not see how he was going to sink the black. John however could see the required pot. Playing away from the black he aimed the white onto the far cushion, and we all looked on in gathering anticipation, as the white rolled back up the table and caressed the side of the black ball with enough force that the black ball gently rolled into the middle pocket.

John’s celebration was quite rightly similar to that of Dennis Taylor’s in that epic World Championship snooker final. The two differences being that John’s shot was eminently better and that John takes off his glasses to play pool.

John’s win took the score to 5-4. The final match however resulted in the score being 5-5. As this was a cup game a decider was required. John asked Chris to come to the table one more time. The Pailton player appeared to crack and a foul meant Chris had 2 free shots, which were not required as Chris potted 4 balls in succession, ending with the final black.

What was especially pleasing about the victory was the support provided by the Cragrats, which is the name of White Hart’s other pool team.

To quote our playing captain, “in 20 years of playing Pailton at pool I have never won” well that all changed on a memorable Thursday night in November.

Rumour has it that one of the semi-finals will see both White Hart pool teams playing each other. If correct then the White Hart Pub is due for another great evening as there will be one White Hart pool team in the final.

White Hart Players: John Berry (captain), Tom Berry, Chris Pearson, Graham Clarkson, John Furnell, Simon Trace, Graham (from Husbands Bosworth), Andy (Dan’s dad)

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