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November 8th, 2018 in Notice Board by admin

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Friends of South Kilworth School (FOSKS) now have their own buy & sell Facebook page!

FOSKS hope this new venture will be a great way to raise money for the school through people simply

donating unwanted & no-longer-needed items.

So…..if you’re de-cluttering, moving house, or just wanting to make a bit more space, please keep

FOSKS in mind!

Initially, we’re happy to accept:

New & ‘as new’ items. Pretty much anything goes so long as it’s legal but if in doubt, just ask J

For example: clothing, gift sets, toys/games, jewellery, toiletries, household items / decorations &


NEW or in excellent condition small items of furniture.

For example: bedside tables, chairs, coffee tables, lamps, mirrors etc.

Other items which we’re happy to sell (but which may need to be collected by the purchaser direct from

the donators own house) include:

Garden furniture/equipment, pots etc.

Larger items of furniture. For example: tables & chairs, dressers, wardrobes, suites etc.

Please search ‘FOSKS buy and sell’ to find us on facebook!

Not a Facebook user? Don’t worry! You can still donate! Just get in touch with

Jen Begley on 07971 400128 to arrange a donation drop off or collection.

Click here to request to join 

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