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Dog Fouling

November 27th, 2018 in Notice Board by admin

Dog mess on the pavements of South Kilworth is an ongoing problem but rarely reported. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been able to walk on the paths between our house and the school without seeing dog mess. Sadly it’s one of the reasons I now rarely walk my daughter to the village school.

This week alone at least 2 Mums had the horrible task of cleaning their childrens shoes after they’d stepped in the usual pile on the path outside ‘Sarahs garden’. By the following morning, so many people had walked through it that it was smeared right across the path, making it impossible to avoid unless you stepped onto the road. So having dropped my daughter off, I went home and then returned to the area of mess, armed with boiling water & bleach. I scrubbed & brushed away as much of the mess as possible. It was absolutely vile. It’s not something ANYONE should have to do, EVER.

I am convinced that 99% of dog owners are responsible, respectful, law abiding people. Sadly there is at least one owner in our village who is none of those things. The dangers of dog mess have been published here before and are widely available. However, the message clearly didn’t get through or the perpetrator simply doesn’t care/read. I do care though, very much and I know the majority of residents feel just the same.

Young children and adults are most at risk of contracting Toxocariasis, which can result in blindness, asthma & epileptic fits. Given where the mess is often found, this is extremely worrying. In addition, we now have the very real additional possibility of children stepping into the road to avoid dog mess on narrow paths outside their school. I can see the headlines now…and it really doesn’t bare thinking about.

So on behalf of everyone who ever uses a footpath in South Kilworth, I implore you to be vigilant, to make notes, take photographs (where possible), check your CCTV’s and report ALL instances of dog fouling. Maybe you know someone who owns a dog which is let out unsupervised, possibly late at night?

Thank you to those who have already offered to check their CCTV systems and to those who are installing new ones. I believe it will only be a matter of time before the dog owner is identified.

The Facts

It is illegal to let your dog foul in public and not clean it up. You can be fined £100 on the spot for not cleaning up after your dog or be prosecuted through the courts and face a fine of up to £1,000

As well as being unpleasant and a nuisance, you can contract Toxocariasis from dog mess, which could lead to blindness, asthma and epileptic fits.

Toxocara eggs take 2-3 weeks to mature. Removing dog mess immediately prevents this and restricts infection.

The best way to pick up dog mess is by using doggy or carrier bags and placing them in litter or doggy bins, or by taking it home and placing it in an outside bin. Pooper scoopers are also available from most pet stores.

Remember: being unaware of the fouling or not having the means to clean it up is not an excuse under the regulations.

Author: admin

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