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April 11th, 2018 in Notice Board by admin

South Kilworth has a lasting impact on our family, the Smiths at the Grange, Myself (Nick), Brothers Tim, Matt and Jez, Mum and Dad, Terry and Christine. We moved into a spacious damp Victorian house in 1980, amidst power cuts, deep snow, and a leaking roof and stayed for over 25 years.

I have so many happy memories growing up in SK. Jez and Mat attended the primary school, where mum also worked for a time. Marrying Ann in the village church where we also said goodbye to my mum. Our Reception Marquee on the Grange’s lawn. Fresh-faced boys going through the Kilworth scouts, where the inspirational leadership of Messrs Agar and Poole had a lasting impact. Sailing the scout’s boats at Pitsford. Endless Fund Raising for a new village hall. Who could forget the jumble sales and fetes, with legendary games such as “bat the rat”. The Friday night chip van in Leys Crescent. Playing in the Derelict Cottages, now so beautifully thatched in the centre of the village. Friday night Youth club in the old wooden village hall with its strange ladder into the loft area. Village quizzes and Ray Dorman’s enthusiastic village support. Monte Bello and The Hutt’s tractor shop. Running for the school bus. Fishing at the reservoir and the canal, sledging in the field behind the school. The Hargreaves shop with the bubble-gum machine behind the bus shelter. Fantastic Sausages from Morris the Butchers, that we could hear being prepared from our garden the day before. The old walnut tree on the green. The chime of the church clock and the eerie glow of the gravestones by moonlight from my Bedroom window. My paper round on North Road, where I regularly collided bikes with Glenda Hodges the Post Lady. Saturday jobs collecting eggs and
driving tractors at the Berry’s, as well as selling tickets to motorcyclists at Stanford Hall.

The village looks great, and it’s nice to see the Grange is still standing, although the garden seems more cluttered than I remember growing up. The hen run, the Koi carp pond, the bowling green and the walnut tree tyre swing have all gone as well as the steps I built for our wedding. At least the burden of mowing of the grass is now shared. One day perhaps I will pluck up the courage to knock on the door and request to peer inside, reminisce and perhaps reveal a few of the houses secrets.

It would make mum very happy to see the South Kilworth News, that she looked after for so many years still going strong, although it seems to have entered the digital era, you appear to have ditched the coloured ink, stencils, and endless hand cranking of the Gestetner.

The older siblings gradually flew the nest as the millennium approached. I now have two teenage sons myself and I can’t believe I’m approaching my Silver wedding anniversary – I will pop back into the village church close to the date and see if the walls still whisper our names. I spent the intervening period working around the world designing ships, but now live in Rugby, so didn’t end up moving too far. Matt has three teenage daughters, works in IT, and lives in Bracknell. Tim has two young Daughters, works in finance, and lives in Colchester. Jez lives in Rugby and fixes everything for GE. Dad is long retired, remarried and when he’s not tending to his chickens and bees, he still travels a lot, but now its all for pleasure, or thinking about it, perhaps he’s trying to escape his 7 children, and 9 grandchildren.

Nice to look back, and also to see South Kilworth community is still flourishing.

Nick Smith

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