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April 11th, 2018 in Notice Board by admin

Are you on the South Kilworth Alert System – for quick notification of suspicious activity / information about break-ins / burglaries etc across the village which is linked to the police.

This is a WhatsApp group with over 50 members and to join you need to ..
• Have or install WhatsApp on your smartphone.
• Send a WhatsApp sharing your contact details to one of :
o Gary Aram 07799 894207
o Jill Harvey 07834 278152
o Lesley Burchnall 07712 490287
If you don’t have a Smartphone, so are unable to join the Whatsapp group, then text your contact details to one of the above and we will look at other options to keep you updated.

Village Security Signs
On recommendation of our local police, we now have CCTV in use and SmartWater signs displayed on Walcote, Welford and North Rd. The signs tell any potential criminals entering the village that many properties are covered by CCTV and valuables are marked/coded by the SmartWater system.

Security Tips……..
When installing CCTV, think about chatting to neighbours to maximise each other’s coverage, including coverage of driveways and the highway where possible. Crime Stoppers recommend looking at relative inexpensive home security devices that can be easily installed by yourself such as:
Ring a video doorbell that lets you see who is at your door when away from the house via your Smartphone. It has a built in wide-angle lens and built in speaker that lets you see and speak to anyone at your property regardless if you are at home or away. Canary do indoor or outdoor cameras that can be plugged in or wire-free and accessible via your Smartphone.

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