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March 8th, 2018 in Notice Board by admin

After the long, cold, dark months of winter, the mornings and evenings are beginning to lighten making us think of getting out and doing more.

Whatever your interests or sport, physiotherapy advice would be to gradually increase your activity levels slowly. This will limit pain and stiffness for example in your back, legs, neck or arms by not doing too much too quickly after time away from your chosen pursuit.

If getting back into the garden although the weeds might be shouting at you to be pulled out, limit yourself to a maximum of 10 minutes with regular breaks. Ensure you do this for the first 2-3 sessions at least before building up your activity in increments of perhaps 5-10 minutes. Have that well-earned cup of tea between gardening sessions so you are changing your position and allowing time for rest.

Another example would be if you are thinking of either starting to run or returning to running after the winter break. A phased return-to-run programme will be very important, e.g. break your planned route into 5 minute segments. Initially, within each segment, run for a maximum of 1 minute.

Once this has been done with no problems for at least 3-4 sessions, increase to 2 minutes running and 3 minutes walking.

As this gets easier continue increasing the running time in increments of 1 minute until you are running comfortably for the full 5 minutes with no walking.

If any ‘twinges’ are felt, return to the previous level achieved comfortably for the next couple of sessions and then try to increase it again.

Remember to not change too many variables at one time e.g. do not increase running time and distance in the same session.

If you do experience problems during hobbies, work or sport, please contact locally-based Sophie at HD Physiotherapy Practice for expert assessment, advice and rehabilitation.

Tel: 07818 858741
email: sophie@hdphysiotherapypractice.co.uk
FaceBook: @hdphysiotherapypractice

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