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February 1st, 2018 in Notice Board by admin


On the advice of the police, several households in the village have invested in Smartwater to protect their valuables. For further information see the website https://www.smartwater.com.

This coupled with a having a burglar alarm and using close circuit television (CCTV) is known to act as a deterrent to burglars.

Signs have therefore been put up in the village to say homes have CCTV and are using Smartwater. These signs have been donated by the police and additional costs paid for by the Parish Council



The police have asked that we inform and promote an App called “Ask the Police” that provides some really useful self-service links and answers to questions that commonly come through to the police. This can be accessed from https://www.askthe.police.uk/content/advert/AdvertPage.mth?advertid=110



Unfortunately we all get daily scams via email /text and phone calls these days and some of these have been reported for circulation on village email or alert system. To date they have not been circulated as they are not solely related to the village.

For example a recent message from someone who lives on Welford Road

I’ve received a number of calls purporting to be from “BT Technical Department”; The caller who can be either male or female has a script to follow starting giving their (working) name and asking how you are today… They won’t have particularly clear speech or be easy to hear – their speech is distorted They then explain that there is a problem with WiFi and you are about to receive a new Router – Not True. Next they will wish you go to your PC and follow a list of instructions to get to the ‘Command Line’ window on your PC, presumably to cause you to give them control of your computer. I’ve spoken with BT and this is a SCAM – Do not respond and put ‘the phone down on them’ (I find putting the handset by a working radio or TV is particularly effective!) To date Received Calls have been from the following numbers:- 0191 943 7341, 0208 393 1586, 01723 197341.

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