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February 1st, 2018 in Notice Board by admin

If anyone should want any of the following funeral order of service sheets which were collected by the late Constance Beeson (formerly Pepys-Goodchild) then please contact myself, Ann Saunders – details on front cover of the SK News.

Walter George Coates 1891 – 1972
Gwendoline Mary Thomas 1901 – 1973
William Hutt 1890 – 1975
Hilda Florence Pickering 1997
Beatrice May Hutt 1891 – 1981
John Sandercock 1982
Edith Octavia Morris 1900 – 1984
Roland Martin Sandercock 1927 – 1985
Margaret King Deacon 1986
John Edward (Ted) Smart 1901 – 1989
Roman Pastuch 1921 – 1990
Elsie Emily Smart 1901 – 1991
Alice Towers 1992
George Jager 1910 – 1992
William Frank Deacon 1913 – 1995
Thomas Franklin 1918 – 1995
Phyllis May Rowe 1930 – 1996

These were sent to me by Rosemary Beech the daughter of Constance Beeson (formerly Pepys-Goodchild) in case they were of interest to families in the village. She wrote the following, about her family’s connection to the village.

“My father George William Pepys-Goodchild, descendant of Samuel Pepys the diarist, lived in South Kilworth for 60 years and both my parents are laid to rest in the churchyard here. My mother was involved with various things in the village – the Womens Institute, the Mothers Union and the Bowls Club – and she regularly attended church services, so she knew most people over the years. I doubt if there would be many people left now who would remember her as as you can see from the service sheets many have long gone, but she knew them all. She loved the village life and being involved, she always helped on the cake stall at the village fete and I remember she won the best ankle competition ! My father always walked our donkey to the fete to give the children rides.”

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