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Following the recent spate of burglaries we have a small group in the village who have met to look at what can be done and set up a village alert system – as it was felt this was one of the most useful actions we could take as a village.


South Kilworth Alert System – The police have advised us to set up a group for quick transfer of information about break-ins / burglaries etc across the village which is linked to the police. This is in the form of a WhatsApp group that will enable alerts to be very quickly relayed about any suspicious activity involving property or individuals. Its main function is to quickly notify all group members of such activity. As the police will be part of this they also will be notified immediately.


WE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO JOIN…. and to do this you need to ..
• Have or install WhatsApp on your smartphone.
• To join the WhatsApp group alert system you need to send a WhatsApp to:
Gary Aram 07799 894207
Jill Harvey 07834 278152
Reserve Lesley Burchnall 07712 490287
• Firstly add Gary or Jill’s number (above) into your contacts on your phone. Then please share your contact information, including your address via WhatsApp to Gary or Jill.
• If “sharing” is difficult you could send Gary or Jill a WhatsApp message instead – with your full name and address


Rules for the Alert System
• Report anything suspicious – the police will see the post and so be aware of local issues
• Make your posts concise but detailed – times /places/event etc
• Remember not to include personal information without peoples permission / their consent
• Post pictures if that helps
• The group is not to be used for anything other than conveying security alert information – remember we have a village email system southkilworth@gmail.com
• If you need to contact someone directly please do it separately. The administrators will monitor activity on the site


The village no longer has a Neighbourhood Watch group (http://www.ourwatch.org.uk) but there is information about how to protect your home at www.leics.police.uk/burglary OR ring Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

South Kilworth website is being updated to include this information and the recent advice from our local police team printed in SK News in October

Home security visits – some local households have had their homes assessed by a trained police volunteer – and found it very useful. To have a visit email vip@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk

Smartwater – Several households in the village, on the advice of the police have also invested in Smartwater to protect their valuables – see website https://www.smartwater.com.

This coupled with a burglar alarm and CCTV will act as deterrent. We are putting up signs in the village to say homes have CCTV and Smartwater


TIP OF THE MONTH – Protect your car keys

How thieves can steal your car without your keys!
With modern technology you don’t even have to put your car keys in the ignition to get started on your journey, just jump in with the keys in your pocket and press the start button, off you go!

This is a great invention right?! Well it is, but it’s also a great invention to help the modern electronic savvy thief to steal your car.

With your keyfob constantly emitting the code to enable the vehicle to be started and driven once it’s within a permitted range. The criminals for under £100 can purchase and amplifier which picks up and then transmits your keyfobs signal, enabling them to get in your vehicle and drive away whilst your keyfob is sat safely in your own home! Your car thinks the keys are on board as if you were in it!


How to stop thieves stealing your car!

There are several ways to help stop the criminals obtaining your keyfobs unique code and driving off in
your pride and joy.

When you’re at home you could put your keys in any of the following places – as they prevent the signal
being scanned…
• Inside your fridge or freezer
• Microwave oven (don’t forget it’s in there and DON’T turn it on)
• Place it in aluminum foil
• A metal biscuit tin or container

Gary Aram /Jill Harvey /Amanda Edge/ Tina Morley and Lesley Burchnal

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