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November 2nd, 2017 in Notice Board by admin


Well a very interesting few weeks culminating in the rarest bird of the year so far on Thursday 19th October, but more of that later.

The first of the autumn thrushes in the form of redwing have started to appear. These will be seen over the next few months feeding on the last of the berries in the hedgerows. They can often be heard on a still, clear night migrating in the dark, picked up only by their distinctive call.

The reservoir has seen an increased number of Canada and greylag geese over the last few weeks and with them came an Egyptian goose and a red-crested pochard. These were both new birds for the year at Stanford taking the overall total to 152 species. However, they were just the supporting cast to what came next…

A visitor from Siberia

On the morning of 19th October I did a very early morning check before work and bumped into one of the members of the Ringing Group. We both felt things looked pretty quiet with the wind direction not really that favourable.

Then a text arrived and all it said was “dusky warbler”. Knowing where the ringing had been taking place I raced back down thankfully in time to see this very rare bird.

Not only was this a first for the reservoir but also a first for the county. A number have turned up recently around the coast but they are rarely seen in land. The bird was only seen again by one other person despite a reasonable crowd being present for most of the afternoon.

Some images of the bird are included here. This is the 153rd species to be recorded at the reservoir this year.

Chris Hubbard

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