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October 3rd, 2017 in Notice Board by admin

In early September, a small group of villagers met to discuss the recent spate of burglaries within South
Kilworth and surrounding villages.

There appears to be a pattern to the majority of these burglaries. Thieves are targeting houses where people
have been on holiday, have no alarm or where it has not been on. Primarily they have stolen jewelers. In
some cases the burglaries have happened during the day, even by gaining access via an upstairs window.
It is therefore a very good idea to lock away your valuable jewellery and it is advisable to keep the house
looking occupied and well lit, although low-level security lights have been smashed.

It appears that we are under reporting as a village, especially where there has been an attempt but nothing
has been taken.

The police break down their data into different categories and it is difficult to see the overall picture.
Therefore we are attempting to collect and collate this information for comparative purposes.
Please email tina.morley@virgin.net if you have been a victim of burglary in the last 24 months or have
seen any suspicious vehicles or activity. Photographic evidence would be helpful.

On the 6th September, Gary Aram attended a Parish Council event held at the Police headquarters in
Enderby. The Chief Constable Simon Cole and the Police & Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach led
the meeting.

Police funding has been decreasing since 2010 and will continue to decrease whilst the population and
demand increases. We therefore cannot expect an increased police input apart from prevention advice.
Neighbourhood and Rural Watch were recommended. Village CCTV might prove useful if the images
were of a sufficient quality but would need to be self-funded.

Anyone can look up local police information, including crimes, by visiting:https://www.police.uk.

The Parish Council met on the 12th September and the Community Police / Lutterworth team attended.
They were represented by Sgt Gee Mulley and PC Andy Cooper. The police acknowledged there had been
a significant increase in village burglaries; other local villages had also been targeted. It was thought a cross
county gang were responsible.

The police confirmed the pattern of properties with weak protection being targeted. Doors were not
secure, alarms not fitted or not on and owners were away.

A village CCTV system was discussed but thought unlikely to identify the thieves. Capturing number
plates would be difficult and close up pictures would be required for facial recognition.
Those present agreed:

1. For villagers to review their personal security. Good locks, alarms fitted that allowed downstairs to be
armed when in bed, switching alarms on and possible use of CCTV. Siting a camera by the front door
can allow good facial images if the burglar knocks at the door initially. Some thought a Ring CCTV
unit could be cost effective. PC Andy Cooper has offered to assist with prevention advice and we hope
to circulate that via the village email and SK news.

2. We would urge everyone to report, even the theft of a ladder or a forced gate or door. This is easy to do
by ringing 101 and getting a crime number or the online reporting site that the police would like us
to use: https using the ‘all other reports’ box. Alternatively PC Andy Cooper would like you to contact
him on his mobile: 07834601561.

3. Resurrect the village Neighbourhood Watch and look at setting up a village WhatsApp group that
includes PC Andy Cooper.

4. Try to identify vulnerable households and the police will organise a letter drop for them. If you are
aware any households that may be in need of this information and they consent to the release of their
names, please let Tina know.

The group plan to meet with PC Andy Cooper present on 26th September to try and proceed these
actions, details of this meeting will be in next month’s SK News.


There is good information on deterrence on:
Crime prevention information from Leics Police website

Finally if you are not getting the emails about this or burglaries and village information please please add
your email address to the list by emailing southkilworthlist@gmail.com

Gary Aram /Tina Morley/ Amanda Edge

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